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AI, Architecture & Art

Discover the polymerization of AI, architecture & art with sustainable AI, shaping the future of eco-conscious designs and art works.

Hospitality & Mixology

Successful restaurant/bar management involves not only a comprehensive grasp of fine dinning and mixology, but also teamwork, communication and an unstoppable internal drive to succeed.

Finance, Banking & Business

Fintech has revolutionized the way businesses operate by providing efficient and innovative financial services. Do you know who to trust though?

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“Be cognizant, Be present, Achieve Greatness”

Daniel Biton

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As a highly motivated individual with a keen interest in architecture, sustainable AI, mixology, and essential business skills, I am committed to leveraging my expertise to provide valuable insights and knowledge in these fields, contributing to my personal and professional growth while making a positive impact in these diverse and evolving industries.


Have questions about architecture, sustainable AI for architecture, mixology, or business skills? Curious about my expertise and insights? Feel free to ask anything – I’m here to provide answers and help you navigate these fascinating fields!