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AI, Architecture & Art

 I have a bachelors degree in Architectural Studies and Sustainable AI for Architecture as well as a deep passion for the Fine Arts. I design, draft and materialize with aesthetics and ecology in mind, ensuring your projects contribute positively to the environment may it be in the form of sustainable AI, Architecture or Art.


Let’s create responsible, and unique work together, to surpass the test of time.


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Mixology & Management

My journey in hospitality commenced in 2016, during which time I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with premier bars and restaurants across South Africa. Throughout my tenure, I’ve been dedicated to enhancing customer experiences through meticulous management and innovative approaches. Specializing in the creation of memorable cocktail menus and the seamless orchestration of bar operations, my focus remains on elevating every aspect of the hospitality industry. With a commitment to transforming ordinary encounters into extraordinary moments.

I invite you to join me in exploring the finest techniques and strategies of the trade`

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Finance & Business

Transitioning from my roles as an architect and mixologist to the realm of finance and business was a surprising journey, yet it reinforced the value of diverse experiences. Since 2021, I’ve been privileged to contribute my expertise and work with a top FinTech company – SourceFin, a government tender financing company. This opportunity has provided me with invaluable insights and experience in the domains of financing and banking. 

Should you seek guidance in financial matters, I am here to offer informed advice to assist you in making sound decisions.

Services starting from ₣35

Why would you trust me?

As a professional with a multifaceted background spanning architecture, mixology, and finance, I bring a unique blend of skills and experiences to the table. With a foundation rooted in architecture and a passion for innovation, I’ve cultivated expertise not only in design but also in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. My journey has led me to excel in diverse fields, from crafting exceptional experiences in hospitality to navigating the complexities of finance and banking with SourceFin. 


This diverse expertise underscores my ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver results across various domains. Trust in me stems from my proven track record of excellence, informed decision-making, and a commitment to leveraging my skills to meet and exceed expectations. Whether it’s designing spaces, crafting cocktails, or offering financial guidance, I bring a unique perspective and unwavering dedication to every endeavor.

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